IGN Cross-Dresses in a 3D Virtual Dressing Room
IGN Cross-Dresses in a 3D Virtual Dressing Room
CES 3D virtual dressing mirror allows to try before you buy
CES 3D virtual dressing mirror allows to try before you buy
N-show 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror
N-show 3D Virtual Dressing Mirror
N-show 3D Virtual Dressing Platform

Statistics suggest that clothes is the top selling commodity which occupies a share of more than 30% of online shopping. However, consumers can only see product pictures and model demonstration without personal trying on clothes during online shopping. The shopping experience is not so satisfactory. 

Unable to try on clothes during online shopping leads to higher return & exchange rate. To solve the online clothing try-on problem is a mutual rigid demand for e-commerce platforms and online consumers.

With the motion sensing technology as the core and the assistance of the Internet and mobile Internet, Newtempo has developed the N-show 3D virtual dressing platform which is integrated 3D and 2D technology with the face recognition technology to realize online virtual fitting experience and it makes virtual dressing available on multi-systems(Windows, Android, IOS), multi-terminals(3D virtual dressing mirror, smart TVs, set top boxes, tablets and smart phones). We can try on clothes across different platforms. Consumers can try on and purchase clothes anytime anywhere.

The virtual fitting experience is not only a revolutionary technology innovation, but also a great innovation of garment marketing model. It may create a new pattern for the current online shopping market.

1.Enjoy the shopping pleasure of virtual dressing on the TV in house
While staying at home, consumers are able to try on massive clothes easily on TV to enjoy a fast, convenient shopping experience.
2.The 3D virtual dressing mirror is a self-service shopping terminal integrated with clothes matching, interactive sharing, data collection and instant payment
N-show 3D virtual dressing mirror can be applied in shopping malls, fashion outlets and other public places as an auto shopping device for 7*24 hours to bring more experiential shopping pleasure to consumers. It provides a superb offline shopping experience, which is an ideal solution to develop the O2O shopping mode.
3.Try on 3D clothes personally, purchase and pay instantly even on mobile phones and tablets.
Besides providing a new shopping experience in the store, business owners enable consumers to try on their clothes through mobile phones, tablets and TVs. Consumers can observe the garment from 360-degree and purchase directly. Meanwhile, they can try on clothes through various platforms and record fitting videos.
4.Unique personal 3D fitting videos can be shared to social network
N-show 3D virtual dressing platform creates a comprehensive virtual fitting social network and brand marketing for the garment industry.  Consumers take photos and share them on social network. Friends can try on and purchase if they like the same clothes.